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If your child experiences trauma to a tooth or has serious tooth decay, we can perform root canal therapy to save their tooth. Our skilled pediatric dentists, Dr. Ryu and Dr. Kim, have received extensive training performing treatments such as root canal therapy. We work with a gentle touch and use sedation dentistry to ensure that your child has a stress-free root canal experience!

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What Is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is a simple procedure that removes the decayed or damaged pulp from inside a tooth. It preserves the natural tooth and prevents the need for an extraction in the future. While root canal therapy may sound intimidating, it’s actually nothing to fear. Our dentists perform gentle root canals with kid-sized tools and equipment.

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The Root Canal Process

Before we begin, we thoroughly numb the area around your child’s tooth and administer sedation. Then, we make a small entry point in the crown of the tooth to access the pulp. We remove all of the diseased or damaged pulp from inside the tooth’s canals and chambers and then use an antiseptic to disinfect it. Once it’s clean, we use a material called gutta-percha to fill in the space where the pulp once was, and then seal the tooth with a tooth-colored fillings.

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Why Might My Child Need a Root Canal?

The tooth’s pulp can be damaged, inflamed, or infected from deep dental decay, dental trauma, a broken or chipped tooth, and more. If your child is experiencing any of the signs listed below, we recommend scheduling a consultation right away. We will X-ray and examine the tooth to see if root canal treatment is the best course of action.

Common Signs

  • Throbbing Tooth Pain
  • Prolonged Sensitivity to Hot or Cold
  • Darkening of Tooth
  • Swelling/Tender Gums Around Tooth

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