Braces for Kids: When Is the Right Time and What to Expect

Graphic illustration of a young girl having braces put on her teeth.

Orthodontic treatment, like braces, can play a pivotal role in enhancing a child’s dental health and smile. If you’re a parent wondering about the right time to consider braces for your child and what the process entails, this blog is here to guide you through the journey.

When Is the Right Time to Get Braces?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children have their first orthodontic evaluation by age 7. This doesn’t necessarily mean braces will be immediately necessary, but it allows orthodontists to identify potential issues early on. The ideal age for braces varies, but most children start between 9 and 14 when permanent teeth often grow in.

The Braces Journey

Braces can correct dental concerns before they worsen. However, before a beautiful smile comes to fruition, there are a few steps to take.

  • Initial Consultation
  • Once you’ve determined that your child may need braces, your child will have an initial consultation. This involves a thorough examination, X-rays, and possibly impressions of your child’s teeth. With this information, a custom treatment plan will be created.

  • Braces Fitting
  • The fitting process involves attaching the braces to your child’s teeth. This is usually painless, although there might be some discomfort as your child adjusts to the new sensation.

  • Regular Adjustments
  • Braces require periodic adjustments to shift the teeth into their desired positions. These adjustments might cause mild soreness for a day or two.

  • Caring for Braces
  • Maintaining good oral hygiene is crucial during orthodontic treatment. Encourage your child to brush and floss diligently, taking extra care around the braces. They may benefit from more frequent dental cleanings.

  • The Results
  • After several months or years of treatment, your child’s braces will be removed to reveal a beautifully aligned smile. Following the removal of braces, your child will likely wear a retainer to maintain the results.

Pediatric Dental Care in Austin, TX

Braces for kids can be a transformative experience, correcting dental issues and boosting self-confidence. When determining if your child needs braces, Dr. Ryu and our team would be happy to direct you with a professional opinion. Contact our office to schedule an appointment for your child’s oral health journey!

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