5 Nutrition Tips for Healthy Kids’ Smiles

Closeup of a child's smile

While routine visits to our office combined with brushing and flossing at home will promote a healthy smile, good nutrition plays an equally important role! Here are some nutrition tips to help keep your child’s smile healthy!

  1. Maintain a Balanced Diet
  2. A balanced diet allows children and adults to enjoy sweet things in moderation. When creating meals, supply a colorful plate with lean protein, healthy fats and carbs, and plenty of fruits and vegetables!

  3. Fruits & Vegetables
  4. Fruits and vegetables (especially leafy greens) are good for growing strong bodies, as well as for keeping teeth clean and healthy! They contain antioxidants and nutrients that can improve the body’s ability to fight bacteria and inflammation.

  5. Snack Smartly
  6. Snacks like nuts, cheese, and yogurt help promote healthy teeth and bones. These foods are high in calcium and phosphorus, which help strengthen and repair tooth enamel.

  7. Reduce Sugar Intake
  8. Simply reducing sugary snacks and fruit juice can help keep your child’s smile healthy and decrease harmful bacteria in their mouth. Not everything needs to be sugar-free, as there are many healthful foods that contain natural sugar.

  9. Drink More Water
  10. Nutrition may only leave you thinking of the food that is consumed. But drinks your child consumes are just as important. Sugary beverages like juice or soda can feed the bacteria in the mouth. Instead, encourage your child to drink more water. Not only will your child stay hydrated, but water washes away harmful bacteria and food particles from the mouth. Water is also essential for saliva production, which is your mouth’s natural rinse.

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